R. Watson Men's Black Caiman Tail Boot


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Boots say something about your character, your code. How you walk taller, stand straighter. They’re a pledge to an era, an attitude, an ethic. Leave behind what you know. Face the frontier. Conquer the wild, Conquer yourself.

R. Watson has spent 40 years shaping six of the biggest boot brands. Now he's forging his own path, for the first time putting his own name on a line of boots. And you can bet they’re something he's proud of.


  • Sole: Leather Outsole with Double Stitched Welt – Resoluble
  • Vamp Leather: Black Caiman Tail
  • Top Leather: Mad Dog Miel Cowhide


COLOR Brown, Black
MATERIAL Leather/ Caiman
TOE Soft Toe
TOE SHAPE Wide Square
HEEL Leather Stacked Nailed-On Walking Heel
STYLE # RW3000-2