R. Watson Black Caiman Tail


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Boots say something about your character, your code. How you walk taller, stand straighter. They’re a pledge to an era, an attitude, an ethic. Leave behind what you know. Face the frontier. Conquer the wild, Conquer yourself.

I spent 40 years shaping six of the biggest boot brands. Now I’m forging my own path, for the first time putting my own name on a line of boots. And you can bet they’re something I’m proud of.


  • Sole: Leather Outsole with Double Stitched Welt – Resoluble
  • Vamp Leather: Black Caiman Tail
  • Top Leather: Mad Dog Miel Cowhide


COLOR Brown, Black
MATERIAL Leather/ Caiman
TOE Soft Toe
TOE SHAPE Wide Square
HEEL Leather Stacked Nailed-On Walking Heel
STYLE # RW3000-2