Boots Etc. has been providing the North Georgia area with the best footwear and workwear in the industry for almost 30 years. Six years ago, we recognized a need. Safety Managers and HR Professionals from all over the state were sending employees in to shop after their shifts with the promise of this being their last reminder to replace holey, tattered footwear that could no longer be considered safe. As any successful business would, we met this need with a solution.


Our first mobile unit, a 5-ton Freightliner box truck, was purchased in 2015 and thus the Boots Etc. Mobile Safety Store began operation. We have since partnered with over 50 companies and added an additional mobile unit and 2000 square-foot warehouse facility to our program.

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On-Site Convenience

  • Same stellar service and unparalleled selection provided at our retail store  
  • Added convenience of being on-site at your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility
  • Two mobile units and over 400 square feet of covered outdoor shopping area
  • Capacity to serve anywhere from ten to ten-thousand employees
  • Store can be set up outside or inside the facility by request

Expert Staff

  • On-site fitters provide the best customer service in the industry
  • All staff members are educated on necessary ASTM and ANSI safety requirements
  • Staff strives to ensure that our service, while thorough, is provided in a timely manner

Flexible Payment Options

  • Our mobile safety store and all of the services provided with it are100% free of charge.
  • For the cost of the footwear, we offer multiple payment options:
    • Employees can pay for their purchase at the time of the sale
    • Your company can be invoiced on terms
    • Returns, warranties, or exchanges can be conveniently handled over the phone or at our retail store located in Commerce, Georgia.

100% Customizable Experience

Our team provides a non-binding, customizable experience to meet the needs of every new partner we have the opportunity to work with.

  • No aspect of our programs are binding or permanent in any way
  • Nothing is required of you to schedule an appointment aside from a simple contact information sheet
  • Safety footwear selections are tailored to fit individual accounts’ safety requirements, price points, and style preferences
  • Longstanding relationships with over 20 of the most highly regarded safety footwear brands in the industry
  • When it comes to flexibility, our program is limitless

How much does the service cost and what is required?

Both our in-store and mobile programs are totally 100% free-of-cost for employers. Request a New Account setup form to detail your business information and employee requirements for safety footwear.

Is there a contract?

No, both our in-store and mobile programs are non-binding.

What kind of credit application is required?

There is no credit check and/or credit application required.

Is there any kind of warranty?

We guarantee our products for up to 1 year for all manufacturer defects to the product.

How can I be sure that time will not be wasted?

We have anywhere from 3-6 expert fitters (based on company size) to ensure a speedy process. We are also able to set up anywhere on-site… This includes near an entryway, where employees may only visit as they are entering or leaving (on their own time), or inside the plant where necessary personnel can keep watch.

When can you come out to service us?

There are no standard business hours for when the truck can make a visit. Essentially, we are open 24/7 and able to create an appointment within your business hours.

Schedule Mobile Safety Store Truck

Please reach out and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Schedule an appointment for your visit today!

Fill out our online form, call us at 800-476-2668 ext. 307, or email us at bootsetcmobilestore@boots-etc.com.