Tru Western Cowboy Gunslinger Men's Cologne, 3.4 fl oz (100 ml) - Warm, Fresh, Bold


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  • Fresh and Warm: Forged in the spirit of the west, this raw blend of bergamot, huckleberry & sage evokes the early mornings of the untamed frontier. Everything about this men's cologne says "Cowboy."
  • Authentic and Sexy: As the scent weathers, an earthy calm of sun-tanned leather and swirls of wild tobacco remains close to skin, lingering well into the night. Masculine and warm, this scent will be your new favorite.
  • Bold and Masculine: With a refreshingly audacious scent, this men's cologne is a perfect complement to your after shave.
  • Find your Fragrance: From Leather and Cowboy to Musk and Tru American, Tru Western has the men's fragrance you're looking for. For masculine scents that last all day, Tru Western is the cologne choice you can feel great about.
  • Tru Western: Established in 1969, Tru was built through handshake agreements and a sacred trust that each fragrance would be authentically crafted with a clear commitment to quality.

Forged in the spirit of the west, A raw blend of bergamot, huckleberry & sage evoke. The early mornings of the untamed frontier. As the scent weathers, an earthy, calm of sun-tanned leather, and swirls of wild tobacco. Remain close to skin, lingering well into the night.

Size: 3.4oz / 100mL

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