M&F Western Scout Workboot Cream - 8 oz

M&F Western Scout Workboot Cream - 8 oz


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Scout Workboot Cream, by M&F Western Products, is specially formulated for use on oil-tanned workboots to condition and restore the leather. Deep conditioning formula restores the appearance and suppleness of workboots which have dried out because of repeated wetting and drying. Also helps to provide a water-repellent coating to reduce future water and salt stains.

Application Instructions: Read manufacturer's warnings before use. Follow the care instructions as directed on the label, when in doubt, do a small test patch before treating the entire item. Protect items around your work space prior to use. 

  • 8 oz. Bottle Workboot Cream
  • Replaces Lost Oils with Ease
  • Restores Oiled Work Boots
  • Moisturizes for Longer Life
  • Polishes to a Beautiful Shine

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